Tea time for Madame Bidule?

Tonight I'm surfing on lot of american blogs, I'm not reading all, just watching the pictures (I'm french and very french! I don't read or talk english currently). But I don't know why now I'm asking a question : Madame Bidule needs an english version of her blog?

My english is very poor and bad, I'm writing like I'm thinking with only three or four words max! More seriously, I know some english/american people who would to reed me in english. What to do? Answer to them by the positiv and be ridiculous with my typical french accent, or trying to be more international to touch the most people?

My work is essentially visual, so, my words are not very important. We never ask to a painter to talk, or his paint is not very clear, or... a painter must be an intellectual? In fact when I'm looking quickly my own blog, it's not a blog who need to be read, I hope the pictures are the expression of my mood and my vision of life. Lot of questions tonight yes... Another asking why I'm writing? For me at first. I'm egoist, and an egocentric person of course like all the people who write a blog. It's not important to be read, the most important, it's my point of vue, is to writing for the pleasure. It's a time capsule, when you're typing on your keyboard the time is over, you are alone... and if you are like me you never read before to click on the button "send". It's why it's a time capsule when months or years after you read your blog! Sometimes you are ashamed, and shock by your thoughts, and sometimes you are happy to be back in your past with the words power. But be back to the suject, english version or not? And now, another thing, writing in english could change my expression? I mean english for me is the language of "action", and french of "reflexion/thinking". It could be interesting to try to post sometimes in english because the things will be certainly differents with simply words... I'm feeling lost now !

I don't know if I was clear in my askings and explains, but if somebody could help me... Madame Bidule must to write in english or not? Or just a little short text under the pics to explain them?

Ok ok I'm stopping now! but... answer me! please.

PS: Sorry for all the error/mistakes (A little frenchie totally lost)

1 commentaire:

  1. my dear you are fabulous...
    this i know you know, let's im and teach eachother and by the way , you are way ahead of me .. i don't know a stitch!


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